Camden Town

On Sunday I visited Camden Market, I have never fallen in love with a place so quickly before. As soon as we stepped of the tube there was a buzz that you can’t explain unless you have been there is was amazing. The smells are crazy, it’s like being in 50 different places without walking a mile! 

The problem now is its making me consider a relocation, which I know isn’t practical! 

 Be prepared that if you visit Camden there is a high chance you will fall in love with the place and not want to leave! 



This post was written a few days ago but it wouldn’t let me publish so thought I would share it now! Back to the day job tomorrow :s
I have been away for some time trying to get to grips with my job hasn’t left much time for updates. I’m now actually on the final day of my holiday in Fuerteventura ⭐️ its been a good week, I have come away with friends so have missed my partner and furry companions 😺. I am very much looking forward to being home with them tomorrow! 

The weather has been lovely and the holiday has been very relaxing. I didn’t take any crochet but stumbled across that sold hooks and yarn, it must have been fate!! Im now going to be occupied on the plane journey home to Birmingham airport! 




Granny squares

I love to crochet and like to follow my mind rarther than a pattern to create things, mainly because I’m useless at following patterns. 
Granny squares are great as once you know how it’s very simple to make a granny square or triangles! 

I’ve started another blanket this weekend and have also made some thank you cards which I love! Pictures below.  

I hope everyone has had a great crafting weekend πŸ™‚  


πŸŽ€ Weekend πŸŽ€

It’s been a lovely weekend, shopping crochet and other things…..

The highlight was selling my first ever item on Etsy, I’m hoping for some more sales if some positive feedback comes through! 

I’ve started working on a new blanket baby girl style in pinks with a crochet bow πŸŽ€πŸŽ€



🌈 retro crochet skirt 🌈

So I am finally getting to the end of my crochet skirt….. 

Just the trim at the bottom to complete now! πŸ˜ƒ

I’m very excited and have tried it on already as I couldn’t wait! 

The pics aren’t great but gives an idea!  

Monty obviously wanted to be involved in photos!! πŸ˜»πŸ˜€ 


Sunday craft! πŸ˜€

It’s Sunday and I between babysitting I have been trying to crochet…. I will be free of duties this afternoon so will be going to purchase the elastic for the top of my skirt! It’s getting there slowly I want to attempt to make this a maxi full length skirt!! Hopefully I should achieve this ready for the 70’s theme party in June!